Located in the historical center of Guimarães, declared a World Heritage Site in 2001, the House of Juncal is located within the old city  walls and amongst the main squares:  Toural, Oliveira and Santiago. The result of careful restoration, maintaining the traditional construction of typical noble Minho Houses in the eighteenth century,whilst accomodating the needs of the twenty-first century traveller.


We have incorporated history, architecture, design, culture and art, never relinquishing comfort.


We have soughtout the best in home textiles and cutlery, the most traditional industrial activities of the city for over a century. Wehave created partnerships with companies recognized all over the world for the quality and design that they put in to their products. And once again bridging the gap between past and present, with works by new talents in diferent areas such as drawing and painting, sculpture and photography.


The Casa do Juncal aims to show the best of what is produced in Guimarães, making your stay unforgettable. We believe it is the details that make all the diference.


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